CABEC Code of Ethics

Jack reading plansThe California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC), a non-profit organization, was founded in 1986 to foster professional development and ethics in the field of energy compliance through sponsorship of educational programs for industry professionals on building energy efficiency. This includes a voluntary Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) program, the Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE) training and testing, a monthly electronic newsletter, web site, annual meetings and free regional meetings. These activities have been developed to assure a professional level of training, experience and qualification for those individuals preparing Title 24 compliance and energy analysis documentation.


Professional Ethics:

    • As a condition of membership in CABEC and/or certification by CABEC, all CEPEs and CEAs agree to: Maintain high professional standards in performing energy related plan review and/or energy compliance calculations and the overall integrity of their work from a technical, legal and ethical standpoint.
    • Provide energy calculations and documentation that are consistent with the plans and specifications used in their preparation and which conform to the energy standards for which they are prepared.
    • Demonstrate unbiased judgment in the performance of my work, including disclosing to a client or employer any circumstance that could be construed as a conflict of interest and ensuring that such conflict does not compromise the interests of the client or employer.
    • Compete fairly with other CEPEs/CEAs, including recognizing and giving credit to others for the professional work they have performed, and not offering or accepting improper contributions or gifts to obtain or grant work or to influence the judgment of others.
    • Abide by the decisions of the CABEC Board of Directors with respect to the certification process and any complaint review procedures adopted by the Board.

©2016 California Association of Building Energy Consultants, 501c6

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