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CABEC Position Statement: Modeling Files for the Web site

Background: Incentive programs from the utilities and other funding sources often require Title 24 compliance files for eligibility verification and incentive calculation. These files, and in particular the simulation model itself, are seen by some in the industry to be proprietary information of the simulation author. This may conflict with program needs, especially when the Title 24 consultant on a project could be replaced, or the files are needed for program evaluation.

CABEC Position: CABEC urges program implementers to include language in their program materials specifying the use and ownership of Title 24 related materials. This includes building simulation files (such as .ribd, .cibd, .bld, .rup or .mit), Title 24 simulation reports (such as CF-1Rs), and any other program specific files (such as CIR files). CABEC also strongly recommends that members providing consulting or modeling services clearly state the member’s ownership requirements as part of their contractual language prior to entering into an agreement to provide those services.

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