Who We Are

The California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing up-to-date, reliable information about the California Title 24 Energy Standards and related building energy efficiency topics, as well as helping energy consultants stay on the cutting edge of building energy efficiency. This includes a voluntary Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) program, a quarterly web-based newsletter, website, conferences and educational energy training, both in person and by webinar. These activities have been developed to assure a professional level of training, experience and qualification for individuals in energy efficiency, energy conservation, and related fields.

Statement of Purpose

Education & Training
CABEC shall improve the practice of energy consulting by encouraging its members to participate in a continuing program of professional development regarding the State of California’s building energy regulations, building energy analysis, energy conservation technologies, ethics, compliance documentation, and any matters that will contribute to the professional standards of those engaged in energy consulting.

CABEC shall offer a Certified Energy Analyst program in which members shall demonstrate their knowledge via certification qualifications. Certified Energy Analysts shall be held to the highest standard of competence.

Information Network
CABEC shall provide its members with an information forum for development and exchange of ideas relating to code issues, computer modeling, energy conservation, and other issues through a continuing program of professional development.

CABEC shall require that all members subscribe to a code of ethics. The premise of the CABEC code of ethics is that members shall demonstrate a consistent pattern of reasonable care and competence in their work.

©2016 California Association of Building Energy Consultants, 501c6

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