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CEA CertificateThe Building Energy Efficiency and Appliance Efficiency Standards of the State of California are predicted to continue saving billions in energy costs. Energy analysts are centrally important to achieving these savings. CABEC was founded to foster the professional development of energy analysts who prepare compliance documentation for the energy code contained in the California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 6.

The Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) program is a natural outgrowth of the CABEC Statement of Purpose and is officially recognized by the California Energy Commission as establishing a professional standard as well as providing an important link in energy compliance. The primary goal of the Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) program is to maintain and manage a professional credential for those who assist the building industry in meeting and exceeding state energy standards.

CEA certification stampThe CEA program is designed to benefit energy analysts and their clients in the design and construction community. For clients and potential clients, CEA certification is the best evidence an analyst can give of his or her knowledge, experience, and expertise. Certification demonstrates a commitment on the part of the energy analyst to maintain a high degree of professional excellence pertaining to the Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Separate certification is offered for the Residential and Nonresidential Standards. Web site visitors can also easily search the CEA directory for a qualified professional to assist them with their project.

Energy analysts can now begin and manage the CEA certification process through CABEC’s website. Although paid CABEC Membership is a great deal, and entitles Members to discounts on the CEA certification process, it’s also possible to become a CEA and maintain certification with a free account. You can compare options here. 2016 Standards exams will be posted and promoted towards the end of the year.  Please watch for announcements.  Thank you for helping to keep California on the cutting edge of energy efficiency!


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