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One of the requirements for CABEC Membership is agreeing to the terms and conditions of the CABEC Membership Compliance Agreement. Upon downloading this agreement below, the original document with your signature must be mailed to the CABEC Administrator at the address provided on the form. Acceptance as a CABEC Member is conditioned upon the Applicant signing this Compliance Agreement.
(Note: For those who are not using the online application form below and are instead using OPTION 1, this Compliance Agreement will be attached to the Membership Application Form. Those who are applying for CABEC Membership using the online form (OPTION 2) need to download the Compliance Agreement immediately below).

Following are the links to the CABEC Membership Compliance Agreement and four related documents. Each link opens a PDF form that may be saved to your local drive:

There are two options available:
Option 1 - (Offline) CABEC Membership Application Form & Compliance Agreement (PDF download)

Option 2 - Online Application below (recommended)

(MasterCard or Visa required)
Note: For those Membership Types that allow multiple individuals to be added, the applicant is considered the Principal member and those being added Additional member(s). The only difference between the two is that the Principal member (as applicant) agrees to be the Point of Contact (POC) for all associated membership renewals and any other issues that may require involvement. Otherwise, all rights and access to information are the same for any and all individuals included in each application. If you have any questions, please contact the CABEC Executive Director.
Select the Membership Type below that best suits your needs then click the Submit button to access the associated application form in our secure area.
Membership Type Cost/Year Description
CABEC Principal $350.00 Applicant-only membership form.
CABEC Additional $150.00 Applicant-only membership form.
Requires an existing CABEC Principal Member as a sponsor. Applicant will need to provide the sponsor's name and e-mail address for confirmation.
Building Dept. Staff $150.00 Applicant-only membership form.
Utility $750.00 Mutliple-applicant membership form (for up to 5 people total).
Applicant as Principal Member and up to four (4) Additional Members (optional) associated with named Utility. ($100 for each person above 5).
Supporter $750.00 Multiple-applicant membership form (for up to 3 people total).
Any company that wishes to be showcased as a Supporter. Includes the individual applicant and up to two (2) Additional individuals (optional) associated with named Supporter. ($100 for each person above 3).
Teacher/Student online registration is currently unavailable. Select the offline PDF registration form, Option 1 above.

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