IMPORTANT: CEA Application Requirements

The CEA program is designed to benefit energy analysts and their clients in the design and construction community. For clients and potential clients, CEA certification is the best evidence an analyst can give of his or her knowledge, experience, and expertise. Certification demonstrates a commitment on the part of the energy analyst to maintain a high degree of professional excellence pertaining to the Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Separate certification is offered for the Residential and Nonresidential Standards. More background on the CEA Program is available here.

Achieving the 2016 Standards Residential or Nonresidential CEA:

New 2016 CEA Examinees:

Current 2013 Standards CEAs:

  • Take and pass 2016 Residential and/or Nonresidential Re-Certification Exam(s)
  • Take and log 9 hours of CEUs for Title 24 Residential / Nonresidential Education
  • Direct Experience and PPW would be grandfathered over from their 2013 Certification

Applicants for 2013 Standards who passed 1 test:

Did you pass both 2013 Standards tests, but need to fulfill your final requirements?

Even though you still qualify for the quicker, cheaper Re-Certification Exams for the 2016 Standards, make sure you’ve completed the non-exam requirements for the 2013 Standards CEA as soon as possible!

Maintaining your 2016 Active CEA: yearly requirements

  • Take and Log 9 hours of CEUs for Title 24 Residential / Nonresidential Education for each year after being certified
  • Pay Yearly Maintenance Fees in each subsequent year AFTER certification (i.e. 2016-Code CEAs achieved in 2017 would first pay Maintenance Fees in 2018)

2008 CEPE:

This program is no longer available for renewal, but a 2008 CEPE can sign off on Direct Experience for the 2013-Standards CEA Program. CEPEs are not allowed to sign off on 2016 CEA Direct Experience.  To become a 2016 CEA, CEPE participants would be handled as a new CEA registration.

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