CABEC Board of Directors & Committee Members

Note: Committees could always use volunteer help! So, if you are a CABEC member, you are encouraged to contact those responsible for the committee that may interest you. A list of committees and those currently in charge is provided below the Board listing on this page.

2023 Board of Directors

Brian Selby – Board Chair (Board Member Since: 2015, Current Term: 2021-2023)

Brian Selby - Board MemberBrian Selby is the owner of Selby Energy, Inc. He has over 30 years’ experience as an energy consultant and residential building designer and has been a HERS rater for 15 years. He is a Certified Energy Analyst for both residential and nonresidential Standards. For the past three years he’s worked closely with CABEC and other stakeholders developing and implementing the CEA Exam program and also teaches energy code to consultants, plans examiners and building inspectors through the Energy Code Ace Title 24 Essentials classes. He is very passionate and committed to helping this industry learn and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the energy code.

Russ King – Board Vice-Chair (Board Member Since: 2013, Current Term: 2022-2024)

Russ King - Board MemberRussell King, M.E. is the Senior Director of Technical Services at CalCERTS, Inc. where he oversees the technical aspects of CalCERTS training, certification and energy code compliance work.

He has been working with California’s Title 24 Energy Codes since 1988 and with California Home Energy Rating systems since 1992. He is a licensed Mechanical Engineer in three states, CA, NV, and HI. He specializes in residential HVAC design and energy systems.  He is the author of “HVAC 1.0 – Introduction to Residential HVAC Systems” which is used as a textbook at several community colleges and trade schools.  He has developed and taught professional level certification training in the areas of energy compliance, HERS testing, HVAC, and building performance.

Rosemary Howley – Board Treasurer (Board Member Since: 2011, Current Term: 2023-2025)

Rosemary Howley lives and works in Northern California. She has an impressive educational background, including a Master’s degree in Architecture from UCLA with a specialization in architectural energy efficiency. In addition, she has a wealth of experience related to the California’s Energy Standards, having worked in this field since 1986. She has been a CABEC member since its inception; her contributions include being the editor of the CABEC Newsletter for over 15 years (1986-2002). Her expertise and commitment to helping CABEC in its roles of educating energy consultants and participating in the California Energy Standards processes will help the organization continue to provide excellent value to its members.


 Kelly Marcelino – Board Secretary (Since: 2019, Current Term: 2022-2024)

Kelly Marcelino is an Oakland native and resides in sunny San Diego, CA. She consults to builders, developers, architects, trades, and property investors, specializing in Title 24, HERS Inspections, MEP Engineering, burritos, Risk Management, CALGreen, and various green programs. She believes in doing the greatest good for the greatest number, pushing the envelope in the construction industry to build higher quality buildings, and breaking the mold to spark innovation. She holds a degree in Environmental Studies from UCSB (Go Gauchos!), where she did soil research and launched her career in the construction industry. She is excited to join the board and looks forward to the future of construction in California.


Nick Brown – Board Member (Since: 2018, Current Term: 2021-2023)

As President of BuildSmart, Inc., Nick is responsible for energy modeling and sales.  He brings 14+ years experience in the building industry, including stints running manufacturing companies making drywall and stucco products.  He has managed key home-builder relationships and learned from a materials standpoint how homes are built with energy- and cost-efficiency as the goals.

He holds a BA in Economics from Princeton University and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Nick also completed a Green Building Certificate Program at California State University at Long Beach. CABEC certifications # R16-15-20028 (Residential) and NR08-11-3771 (Non-Residential).

Glen Folland – Board Member (Since: 2022, Current Term: 2022-2024)

Glen Folland is VCA Green’s Director of Sustainability. At VCA Green he leads a team of CEA-certified energy modelers and a team of project managers who specialize in CalGreen, LEED, and GreenPoint Rated. Glen’s expertise covers the spectrum of energy and sustainability. His experience includes net zero design, TCAC/CUAC, and ASHRAE 90.1 energy modeling. Through this lens, Glen understands the need for accuracy and integrity that CEAs bring to every energy model.

In addition to being a CEA, Glen is also a HERS I/II Rater, an Energy Star Rater, a GreenPoint Rater, LEED Homes Rater, and Certified Passive House Consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and has 18+ years in the AEC industry.

Jordan Garbayo – Board Member (Since: 2020, Current Term: 2023-2025)


Jordan Garbayo is an Energy Program Manager at the Tri-County Regional Energy Network (3C-REN) and the County of San Luis Obispo, where he works to administer and deliver energy efficiency programs to the Central Coast.

In the past three years with 3C-REN and the County, Jordan has developed and delivered the Energy Code Connect program to public and private building professionals across the tri-county region via an Energy Code Coach service, educational offerings, and Regional Forums. Jordan is also a board member for the California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC), due to his passion and experience surrounding California’s ever changing Energy Code. He has also delivered various municipal energy programming for the County under its Local Government Partnership prior to working with 3C-REN.

Prior to joining 3C-REN and the County of San Luis Obispo, Jordan was responsible for Green Building Project Management at VCA Green. While there, he managed over 50 residential and nonresidential construction projects with energy and green building consulting for Energy and CalGreen compliance, HERS Rating, LEED, GPR, and TCAC, to name a few. In addition, he gained experience in conducting GHG inventory, developing climate/energy action planning, and implementing online permitting for various cities in Orange County and the Coachella Valley with EcoMotion, Inc.

Jordan holds a master’s degree in Environmental Studies and bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from California State University Fullerton and University of La Verne, respectively. When not hard at work administering energy programs, he enjoys playing with his wife and two children, maintaining a micro farm in his backyard, and camping as much as possible.

Luke Morton – Board Member (Since: 2017,
Current Term: 2023-2025)


Luke is the Sustainability Manager at FGY Architects and Pete Moffat Construction. After he took a couple of classes in energy efficiency in college, Luke began his career in the energy world when a non-profit in Atlanta hired him to drive a 1986 Acura around the exurbs of Atlanta to do HERS and green building verifications . That led him through an odyssey of various roles at Rocky Mountain Institute and US Green Building Council, studying various aspects of the built environment. Currently, he is working as a green building and efficiency consultant for high-performance homes in the Bay Area. Beyond Title 24, Luke’s recent work has included Passive House modeling, off-grid and microgrid systems, Life Cycle Assessments of building materials, and plenty of Net Zero energy projects. In his spare time, he scrolls the various Title24 listservs to find opportunities to wisecrack, and occasionally attempt insight.

Bona fides: CEA (Residential), LEED AP, Certified Passive House Consultant, GreenPoint Rater. He has a Bachelors and Masters from Stanford in Earth Systems and the Atmosphere/Energy program, respectively.

Ritesh Nayyar – Board Member (Since: 2021, Current Term: 2021-2023)

Ritesh has over 10 years of experience in the energy efficiency and sustainability fields specializing in new construction single family, new construction multifamily and existing multifamily. As a Technical Manager, he supports PG&E’s California Advanced Homes Program (CAHP), PG&E’s California Multifamily New Home (CMFNH) program as well as PG&E’s Multifamily Upgrade Program (MUP). Ritesh has managed the design of an all-electric residential new construction program for both single- and multi-family, new-construction for SCE for 2020.


Ruby Rose Yepez – Board Member (Since: 2022, Current Term: 2022-2024)

Ms. Yepez has over 10 years of experience in project management, energy efficiency and sustainability. She has been associated with the completion of over 10 LEED projects and managed over 30 green certification projects at one time. Since graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, Ruby has gained experience working at an Architecture firm, for a General Contractor and an energy management firm. In order to expand her knowledge and experience with Sustainability and Energy Management she has pursued several certifications and still continues to educate herself on up and coming industry programs and standards. Ruby was an extremely active Board member but had to step down after changing positions at Southern California Edison but she continued to lead the all-volunteer Conference Committee, and creating the best possible experience for CABEC Conference attendees over the last three conferences. With her new position at Edison she is able to come back to the CABEC Board of Directors.

CABEC Committees

Please contact us if you have any questions, or want to help by volunteering!
Committee Name Committee Members
Advocacy Committee Luke Morton (Chair)

Nick Brown

Matt Christie

Michelle Dunn

Roy Eads

Jordan Garbayo

Russ King

Brian Selby

CEA Program Committee Russ King (Chair)

Linda Pierce

Chandra Apperson

Glen Folland

Rosemary Howley

Brian Selby

Communications Committee Kelly Marcelino (Chair)

Linda Pierce

Complaint Review Committee Brian Selby (Chair)

Linda Pierce

Chandra Apperson

Russ King

Rosemary Howley

Conference Planning Committee Jordan Garbayo (Chair)

Linda Pierce

Steve Baden

Nick Brown

Susan Davison

Nic Dunfee

Gray Gautereaux

Sara Huskey

Robert Johnson

Kelly Marcelino

Ritesh Nayyar

Kavita Rodrigues

Muhammad Saeed

Brian Selby

Ruby Rose Yepez

Education and Training Committee Brian Selby (Chair)

Linda Pierce

Nick Brown

Glen Folland

Tim Kohut

Luke Morton

Ritesh Nayyar


Linda Pierce – CABEC Executive Director

Linda Pierce graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications and English. She has spent over 25 years in Marketing and Sales working with Associations and Non-Profit Groups. She has been with CABEC since 2013 and is always looking for new ways to expand our benefits and educational programs. In addition to her time at CABEC, Linda serves on local School/Athletic Boards and has been a Girl Scout Leader for over 12 years.

When she is not working, you can either find her on the beaches in Maui or traveling abroad with her family!


Jason Cathers – CABEC Webmaster

Susan Davison – CABEC Bookkeeper

Cindy Hamilton – CABEC Newsletter Editor

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