CABEC Board of Directors & Committee Members

Note: Committees will be re-staffed in 2016. Each committee could use volunteer help. So, if you are a CABEC member, you are encouraged to contact those responsible for the committee that may interest you. A list of committees and those currently in charge is provided at the bottom of the page.

2016 Board of Directors

Matthew Christie – Chair (2016)

Matthew Christie - Vice-ChairMatthew Christie is a Senior Project Manager with TRC. His expertise is in energy efficiency and energy use reduction for the built environment using a whole-building approach. Mr. Christie has utility program management and technical experience in program implementation, program design, energy modeling & simulation, home performance energy audits, building science, and data & process analysis. Mr. Christie works on program design and implementation across the residential market sector. His program design approach focuses on whole-building performance based energy savings including Zero Net Energy initiatives. Mr. Christie also supports the development of California’s energy code.

Rosemary Howley – Vice-Chair (2016)

Rosemary Howley - Board MemberRosemary Howley lives and works in Northern California. She has an impressive educational background, including a Master’s degree in Architecture from UCLA with a specialization in architectural energy efficiency. In addition, she has a wealth of experience related to the California’s Energy Standards, having worked in this field since 1986. She has been a CABEC member since its inception; her contributions include being the editor of the CABEC Newsletter for over 15 years (1986-2002). Her expertise and commitment to helping CABEC in its roles of educating energy consultants and participating in the California Energy Standards processes will help the organization continue to provide excellent value to its members.


Rick Cowperthwaite – Board Member (2016)

Rick Cowperthwaite - Board MemberRick Cowperthwaite is the owner and principal Building Science Consultant for Rick’s Energy Solutions. He has performed hundreds of Residential and Non-Residential Energy Audits, Title 24 Energy Compliance Analysis, HERS Tests and Verifications, GreenPoint Ratings and ACCA Manual J, S and D HVAC system designs since he retired in 2007 from his 25 year career as a building inspector and plans examiner with several California jurisdictions. Rick is a certified: PHIUS+ Rater, GreenPoint rater, HERS rater, CEA for residential and non-residential, and a BPI Analyst and Shell professional.

Born in Denver Colorado growing up the son of a general contractor in California Rick cut his teeth in construction doing warranty repairs while still a teenager. Rick enlisted in the Army and achieved the rank of Captain in the US Army Signal Csorp. He left the Army in 1971 to return to the family construction business. Rick has over 43 years’ experience in the construction industry, a degree in Electronics Technology and a Lifetime Community College Teaching Credential in Industrial Technology and Construction Technology. He began his interest in energy conservation and building energy efficiency in the 1970’s during the Gas Crisis and has never stopped studying and sharing with others his passion for the topic.

Melinda Keller – Board Member (2016)

Melinda Keller - Board MemberMelinda Keller is a Mechanical Engineering Professor at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. She specializes in alternative energy and heat transfer. She has been involved with CABEC and been doing structural energy consulting since 2004. Melinda is excited to develop the educational programs and profession of energy consultants and help the CABEC Board navigate through the increasingly vigorous energy codes. Melinda has served on the CABEC Board in the past and looks forward to helping again.

Melinda also works with the Cal Poly Amusement Park Engineering and Design (CAPED) club and has previously worked on ride manufacturing with Morgan Manufacturing. Melinda is also currently involved with LLNL doing research on asteroid impacts and has previously work in satellite test development for Boeing Satellite Systems. Melinda enjoys playing games of all types and runs PolyCon, Cal Poly’s Game Conventions with the help of her 8 year old daughter, Caileigh and many students.

Russ King – Board Member (2016)

Russ King - Board MemberRussell King, M.E., is one of very few licensed mechanical engineers that specialize is residential HVAC and energy design. Licensed in four states, he has directly supervised the design of an estimated 2,000 residential mechanical plans. He is the Owner/Director of Sierra Building Science, Inc., a training a consulting firm based in the Sacramento area. He has worked closely with California’s Title 24 Energy Codes since 1987. He has developed and taught professional level certification training in the areas of energy compliance, HERS testing, HVAC, and building performance.



Jeff Pollock – Board Member (2016)

Jeff Pollock - Board MemberJeff manages his own energy consulting business Techlogic Energy Consulting out of Santa Clarita, CA and has been helping architects, engineers and contractors comply with the State Energy Code for over 30 years now. He is certified in both Res and NonRes as a CEPE and CEA since 2005. He has numerous affiliations, including ASHRAE, AEE, and USGBC, and is registered with both CHEERS and CalCERTS. His love for the industry is evident, and his enthusiasm and desire to “give back” will benefit CABEC greatly over the next 3 years. His mission is to bring the USGBC out of the closet and look into a Title-24 Mentor program.

Brian Selby – Board Member (2016)

Brian Selby - Board MemberBrian Selby is the owner of Selby Energy, Inc. He has over 30 years’ experience as an energy consultant and residential building designer and has been a HERS rater for 15 years. He is a Certified Energy Analyst for both residential and nonresidential Standards. For the past three years he’s worked closely with CABEC and other stakeholders developing and implementing the CEA Exam program and also teaches energy code to consultants, plans examiners and building inspectors through the Energy Code Ace Title 24 Essentials classes. He is very passionate and committed to helping this industry learn and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the energy code.

Tommy Young – Board Member (2016)

Tommy Young - Board MemberSince 2008, Tommy has been a Certified Energy Plans Examiner and a member of the California Association of Building Energy Consultants. His company has performed HERS II assessments and modeling on over 13,000 units. He is currently a member of the California Compliance Improvement Advisory Group and the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee Sustainable Building Measures Advisory Group.

As the CEO and Founder of a company whose team includes HERS Raters and CEPEs, Tommy has had the unique opportunity to work full-time with California’s Title 24 and HERS II regulations as they are first analyzed in the office and then implemented in the field. It is his job to translate and disseminate this information to contractors, builders, developers and homeowners. The various energy code changes and utility incentive programs have required the new breed of HERS Rater/CEPE to be equal parts Teacher, Umpire, and Anger Management Counselor. Tommy believes he can bring these same vocational skills coupled with real-world experience to the CABEC Board and its members by offering a “boots-on-the-ground” perspective.

Roy Eads – Board Member (2016)


As an independent Energy Consultant, HERS Rater, and Residential HVAC System Designer since 2006, Roy Eads has developed a passion for energy efficiency and the move toward Zero Net Energy building. Roy has built an expansive foundation of knowledge through more than 30 years of construction and restoration contracting, possesses A.S. Degrees in HVAC and Project Management, holds a Certificate of Building Inspection Technology, with an emphasis on Architectural Technology, and maintains a constant and extensive regimen of energy-related training. In addition, he works as an adjunct professor at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA.

Having lived in Southern California’s low desert for 36 years, Roy has experienced the importance of air conditioning system performance at its peak, and how it impacts the energy diet of a building. He works closely with local architects, builders, and HVAC contractors to design building systems that perform well beyond code.

Michelle Dunn – Board Member (2016)

Michelle Dunn

An interest in human comfort led Michelle into building energy efficiency. She studied architecture at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo but changed her major and graduated with a degree in Engineering Technology/Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration. She began performing energy compliance documentation in 1983 while employed as an HVAC designer at a mechanical consulting firm. Then she became a building insulation estimator, and offered “energy calculations” as a side business.

Michelle founded Central Coast Energy Compliance in 1992. She is a residential CEA and has been a CABEC member since 1996. Her specialty is full-service residential energy consulting; guiding and educating clients and professionals through the compliance process, and helping to solve problems. Michelle is married to a HERS rater. She brings perspectives from an established CEA/HERS rater team and is dedicated to supporting CABEC members.


 Linda Pierce – CABEC Operations Manager

Linda Pierce - CABEC Executive AssistantLinda Pierce graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications and a Minor in English. She has spent over 15 years in Marketing and Sales working with Associations and Non-Profit Groups. She is excited to be joining the CABEC team in looking for new ways to expand our benefits and educational programs. In addition to her time at CABEC, Linda serves on a local Elementary School PTO Board and is a Girl Scout Leader.

When she is not working, you can either find her on the beaches of San Diego or in Maui with her family!

David Ryal Anderson – Webmaster

davidBriefly, David’s a millennial-cusp techie do-gooder who plays a lot of ultimate frisbee, and focuses his professional energy on helping early-stage startups, nonprofits and individuals who are trying to create a more joyful, equitable world.

Whether that means taking a long-time manual process and digitizing it for greater scale and efficiency, or refining existing digital processes to do more for their humans, David acts as a bridge to the digital world for his clients.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or want to help!
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2016 Finance Tommy Young
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Brian Selby
Michelle Dunn
CEA Program Rosemary Howley
Jeff Pollock
Brian Selby
Russ King
Complaint Review Michelle Dunn
Melinda Keller
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Jeff Pollock
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Brian Selby
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