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Our Mission

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The purpose of CABEC is to further technical expertise and ethics through certification; to foster professional development through training, information, and peer exchange/networking; to represent and enhance the stature of its members to the California Energy Commission and other political entities; and to encourage energy efficiency and regulatory compliance throughout the energy consulting industry.

CABEC 2024 Conference:
“Rooted in the Code”

Join over 200 Energy Consultants, HERs Raters, Building Officials, Utility Partners, Industry Influencers and Exhibitors as we come together to learn all about the 2022 Energy Code Standards, HERS Rater Issues, Zero Net Energy Goals, New Products, CABEC Benefits and Programs as well as invaluable business tips on how to be more efficient and productive!

CABEC Mentorship Program

Have you been searching for a way to help others and share your knowledge of the California Energy Code? Become a Mentor!

Are you new to the industry and looking to become a CEA but need some personal help? Become a Mentee!

“It is truly a blessing to belong to an association of people that help others. CABEC has been an essential support to me over the 20 years I have been an energy consultant. Words cannot express my appreciation for CABEC and of course all of you who make it happen.”

Beth Smithwick
Energy Consultant, CEA Number R13-94-10036

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