Mentor Application

As a CABEC Mentor, you will work with the CABEC Mentorship Committee and CABEC Administration. You will help prepare candidates to pass the Certified Energy Analyst Exam and to show their abilities as a “competent” energy consultant. Mentors will be given materials to help them put together a process that requires navigating a pathway to certification.

This pathway includes a variety of educational components, which include trainings, guidance and gaining direct experience.

Our Mentorship program supports development of the practical knowledge and skills that are needed by professional Energy Consultants.

It will provide Mentors with:

  • A series of structured learning opportunities to use with their Mentee
  • Opportunities for individual application of key skills and concepts
  • Personalized feedback and guidance
  • The possibility of the addition of new courses or subjects, fill gaps, based on participant requests

Minimum Mentor Responsibilities are as follows:
Attend a Onetime Mentor Orientation with CABEC Mentorship Program Manager

  • Approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours long via ZOOM Online Platform
  • Go Over Monthly Meeting Schedule
  • Introduction to Program and Group Training Resources

Attend one-hour, monthly mentorship meetings pre-scheduled with assigned mentee “Pods”
Meet & Greet with Each Mentee at beginning of relationship

  • Introductions
  • Share Contact Information
  • Sign Confidentiality Agreement (mentor and mentee each keep copy)
  • Discuss and set overall expectations to achieving preparation for CEA Exam

Meet Mentee Pod (group) or Individuals

  • Discuss Completed Online Trainings
  • Go over any Technical Questions and Understanding
  • Goal Setting and Accountability

Attend Mentor Zoom Meeting every other month with Program Managers
Communicate with Program Manager as needed

Approximate Monthly commitment, including pre-scheduled meetings, pod meeting, etc., 4-6 hours
Requirements to become a CABEC CEA Mentor:

  • Be a current CABEC Member
  • Have been a CEA, in good standing, for a minimum of 3 years

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