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One of the greatest gifts you could give is the valuable wisdom and knowledge that you have as a Certified Energy Analyst. Would you like the opportunity to “pay it forward” with this gift as a Mentor?

As a CABEC Mentor, you will work with the CABEC Mentorship Committee and CABEC Administration to help prepare candidates to pass the Certified Energy Analyst Exam and to prove their abilities as a “competent” energy consultant. Mentors will be given materials to help to help put together a process that requires navigating a pathway to certification. The pathway includes a variety of educational components including trainings, guidance and gaining direct experience.
Working with a mentee can be a crucial step to gaining the necessary practical experience to learn how to apply the concepts learned in classes to real world projects. Mentors work with Mentees to guide them through pre-determined activities, answer your questions, and provide you with feedback about assigned projects.

Our Mentorship program supports development of the practical knowledge and skills that are needed by professional Energy Consultants. It will provide “mentors” with:

  • a series of structured learning opportunities to use with their Mentee
  • opportunities for individual application of key skills and concepts
  • personalized feedback and guidance
  • the possibility of the addition of new courses or subjects, fill gaps, based on participant requests

CABEC maintains a list of Certified Energy Analysts who have a heart to share what they have learned over the years. Please contact CABEC to learn more about becoming a Mentor! Being a Mentor is one of the best ways to keep learning your craft!

Mission Statement: The CABEC Mentorship Program is dedicated to providing quality guidance and professional development. The program is put together by leaders in the energy community through vetting of highly qualified CABEC CEAs (Certified Energy Analyst) as Mentors with paring them with aspiring potential new CEA candidates as their Mentee. Through energy resources, training and activities from Energy Code Ace and CABEC, the mentor/mentees will build strong relationships and trust. The ultimate goal is to prepare the mentee for the opportunity of taking the certification examination and achieving the status of CEA. We welcome you to participate in this influential program.

Starting the Process: Each Mentor candidate will complete the Mentor application. The application will be reviewed and vetted by the CABEC Mentorship Committee. If accepted, the mentor candidate will be invited to attend a mentoring orientation/training session. These sessions will be done virtually. Once this process is completed, the mentor will be assigned a mentee candidate as they are available.

Ultimate Goal: The ultimate goal is for mentors to guide, encourage and teach the mentee the California Energy Standards, supporting requirements and compliance modeling strategies in preparation of being able to take the CEA Certification exam.

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