Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) Program

The 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards implementation date was July 1, 2014

The Statewide Codes and Standards (C&S) program and CABEC have developed a comprehensive certification examination for energy analysts (2013 “CEA”) that incorporates the 2013 Standards. This exam development was a complex and lengthy process. The Residential exam was first administered in October of 2014. The next round of Residential and Nonresidential CEA Exams will be in the Spring 2016.

Many stakeholders and incentive program managers have expressed an interest in and willingness to adopt the new CEA credential as an energy efficiency program requirement. Due to the “gap” between the implementation date and the first CEA examinees receiving their certifications, we have recommended that temporarily, they require a current 2008 CEA or CEPE certification for building energy analysts. Now that we have a sizeable list of Residential CEAs available, some have begun to require 2013 CEAs for participation in their programs.

Certified Energy Analysts (CEAs) are individuals who have demonstrated their mastery of the Residential and/or Nonresidential California Energy Standards through the following steps.

  1. Pass the appropriate two-part (Multiple Choice and ACM Modeling) CEA Exam for Residential and/or Nonresidential.
  2. Have verified experience and/or education and other certifications related to Title 24 compliance work.
  3. Participate in a Professional Practices Workshop (PPW), sponsored by CABEC.
  4. Attend at least nine hours per year of continuing education training.
Since energy consultants are not regulated by the state, CABEC designed the CEA to be a statement of an energy consultant’s working knowledge and understanding of the California Energy Efficiency Standards. When an energy consultant is a Certified Energy Analyst it is a statement to a building department, builder, architect, or homeowner of the professional skills and knowledge of that energy consultant.

For more or to find detailed requirements, please browse the CEA Certification FAQ.

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