CABEC Member of the Year

The CABEC Member of the Year/Hall of Fame Award was established to recognize one CABEC member each year that has made a significant contribution to our organization by giving above and beyond of him/her self in the most recent year or over a number of years. The person is selected by the Board of Directors.

The recipient of this award will be featured on CABEC’s website, and will be recognized and receive an appreciation plaque at the next Conference, as well as receiving one year’s membership in CABEC at no charge. CABEC extends a huge “thank you” to these industry leaders.

Jill Marver, 2023 CABEC Hall of Fame Recipient

Past CABEC Hall of Fame Recipients

Luke Morton, 2021 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Luke is the Sustainability Manager at FGY Architects and Pete Moffat Construction. After he took a couple of classes in energy efficiency in college, Luke began his career in the energy world when a non-profit in Atlanta hired him to drive a 1986 Acura around the exurbs of Atlanta to do HERS and green building verifications . That led him through an odyssey of various roles at Rocky Mountain Institute and US Green Building Council, studying various aspects of the built environment. Currently, he is working as a green building and efficiency consultant for high-performance homes in the Bay Area. Beyond Title 24, Luke’s recent work has included Passive House modeling, off-grid and microgrid systems, Life Cycle Assessments of building materials, and plenty of Net Zero energy projects. In his spare time, he scrolls the various Title24 listservs to find opportunities to wisecrack, and occasionally attempt insight.

Bona fides: CEA (Residential), LEED AP, Certified Passive House Consultant, GreenPoint Rater. He has a Bachelors and Masters from Stanford in Earth Systems and the Atmosphere/Energy program, respectively.

Rosemary Howley, 2020 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Rosemary Howley became passionate about energy issues as environmental issues starting in 1979 and decided to see if she could make a career out of it. Fast-forward to 2021, and she celebrated 35 years working for Gabel Energy, currently as the Manager of Gabel Energy’s Utilities and Education Division and as a Senior Energy Analyst. Rosemary was fortunate enough to be hired by Mike Gabel in 1986 and to still be working for Gina Rodda in 2021, both CABEC Hall of Fame recipients themselves. Working with Mike Gabel and others, Rosemary was part of the team that developed CABEC’s first Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) exams, and she is also part of the team working on the CEA exams for the 2019 Energy Standards.

Rosemary has a long history with CABEC, becoming one of the organization’s first members in 1986, and working as the CABEC Newsletter Editor from 1986 to 2002. She has served on the CABEC Board of Directors since 2011 and is currently Board Treasurer. Rosemary is a long-time member of CABEC’s CEA committee, and she is dedicated to CABEC’s mission to elevate the technical expertise and ethics of building energy consultants through certification. Rosemary believes that CABEC CEAs are a crucial link between California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards as written and how those important environmental regulations are implemented in buildings throughout the state, helping achieve the energy savings and carbon reduction that are part of the solution to climate change.

Rosemary has a BA in Art History from Stanford University and a Master’s degree in Architecture from UCLA specializing in architectural energy efficiency.

Nick Brown, 2019 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

As President of BuildSmart, Inc., Nick is responsible for energy modeling and sales. He brings 14+ years experience in the building industry, including stints running manufacturing companies making drywall and stucco products. He has managed key home-builder relationships and learned from a materials standpoint how homes are built with energy- and cost-efficiency as the goals.
He holds a BA in Economics from Princeton University and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Nick also completed a Green Building Certificate Program at California State University at Long Beach. CABEC certifications # R16-15-20028 (Residential) and NR08-11-3771 (Non-Residential).

Ruby Rose Yepez, 2018 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Ms. Yepez has 7 years of experience in project management, energy efficiency and sustainability. She has been associated with the completion of over 10 LEED projects and managed over 30 green certification projects at one time. Since graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, Ruby has gained experience working at an Architecture firm, for a General Contractor and an energy management firm. In order to expand her knowledge and experience with Sustainability and Energy Management she has pursued several certifications and still continues to educate herself on up and coming industry programs and standards. In 2018, Ruby was an extremely active Board member, and has been instrumental in leading the all-volunteer Conference Committee, helping to ensure that planning for CABEC’s 2019 California’s New Energy Horizon Conference went smoothly, and creating the best possible experience for CABEC Conference attendees!

Brian Selby, 2017 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Brian Selby - Board MemberBrian Selby is the owner of Selby Energy, Inc. He has over 30 years’ experience as an energy consultant and residential building designer and has been a HERS rater for 15 years. He is a Certified Energy Analyst for both residential and nonresidential Standards. For the past three years he’s worked closely with CABEC and other stakeholders developing and implementing the CEA Exam program and also teaches energy code to consultants, plans examiners and building inspectors through the Energy Code Ace Title 24 Essentials classes. He is very passionate and committed to helping this industry learn and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the energy code.

Matthew Christie, 2016 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Matthew ChristieAs CABEC Members, most of us often lose sight of the fact that we exist mainly on Volunteerism. A successful annual conference is hard work for a volunteer committee that has about 15 months to put it all together. Seminars & webinars offered are coordinated by a volunteer committee. The CEA Program is administered and overseen by volunteers. Training & education is developed mostly by volunteers. This was how CABEC was created since the beginning, and it will continue to be that way.

Each year the whole membership gets to nominate and the board votes on someone who has truly given themselves to our purpose, who has gone over & above to keep us strong and thriving as an organization. This year the Board of Directors is very proud to announce that Matthew Christie has been elected as our “CABEC 2016 Member of the Year”, and is to be inducted into the CABEC Hall Of Fame.

Matthew Christie is a Senior Project Manager with TRC. He works on program design and implementation across the residential market sector. His program design approach focuses on whole -building performance based energy savings including Zero Net Energy initiatives. Matt also supports the development of California’s energy code.

Matt began serving on the Board in 2013. His accomplishments and challenges during this time have been beneficial to all of us. He quickly accepted positions on various board sub committees and for the most he chaired them. Matt came to us with a young energetic approach to problem solving and challenges. He has the gift of a calm and collected personality that navigated us through rough waters during his tenure.

Matthew has displayed exceptional, impeccable and truly unquestionable service to us all. Thank you Matt, we congratulate you for everything you have accomplished and everything you continue to do for CABEC and for our Industry. You are truly an inspiration for others who may someday follow in your footsteps. We congratulate you as the 2016 CABEC Hall of Fame Recipient!

Gina Rodda, 2015 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Gina Rodda is currently the Owner of Gabel Associates, LLC out of Berkeley, California, and has been working as part of the company since 2002. Previously working at two mechanical engineering companies in Santa Rosa, she has been in the energy modeling field since 1991.

For the past few years, she has been the instructor of several dozen full day IOUs Codes and Standards trainings on the Residential and Nonresidential Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards for building department staff and energy consultants. She is also a Title 24 energy analyst performing a wide range of responsibilities including residential prescriptive and performance calculations; non-residential prescriptive and performance; non-residential cost analysis calculations; educational development for live, online, and webinar training. Gina works with architects, mechanical engineers, lighting designers, developers, contractors, building owners and IOU’s.

As a LEED AP, she provides and supports LEED non-residential projects from design concept through successful certification of LEED EA credits for NC, CI, C&S and Homes; projects include office, health care, production facilities/warehouses, high rise residential, single family, laboratory and retail buildings.

Gina received a Bachelor of Arts, with a music minor, from University of the Pacific in 1989, maintains a 2013 Residential CEA, and is a LEED AP.

Jeff Pollock, 2014 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Jeff Pollock CABEC Hall of Fame recipient 2014Jeff has been a member of CABEC since its inception and has served on the Board of Directors since 2011. In 2014 he was elected Chairman of the Board, and began a back-to-back two year period at the helm considered by many members as the most challenging and difficult period in our organization’s history. Jeff has also served on a variety of committees during his tenure, including: CEA Committee Member (2014 and 2015), being a voice in the development of the new Res and Non-Res CEA testing program, the 2014 San Diego Conference Committee Chair, Conference AV Lead in 2013, Training and Education Chair (2015), and as well as launching a Yahoo User’s forum for energy consultants.

Since the start of his service to CABEC and the Energy Efficiency community, Jeff has demonstrated a passion for investing in the next generation of energy consultants, improving training and education within our organization, and personal mentoring. He intends to continue to be a voice for CABEC and our Stakeholders in the years to come focusing on training & education for future generation energy consultants, architects, building officials and the like.

CABEC appreciates Jeff’s “can-do” attitude as well as his leadership and countless contributions over the past several years. His participation has been crucial to the work that has been accomplished by CABEC, particularly with respect to navigating and improving 2013 Standards implementation. Thank you, Jeff!

Michael Gabel, 2013 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Michael Gabel CABEC Hall of Fame recipient 2013At the end of 2013, Mike Gabel was unanimously elected by the Board of Directors, for the second time, to CABEC’s Hall of Fame. Mike has been involved with the Title 24 Standards since 1983, and in 1985, was a founding member of CABEC.

Since its inception, he has served on the Board at various times, organized and taught Advanced Standards courses, spoken at a number of conferences, presented Professional Practices Workshops, been elected to the position of Chairman of the Board on more than one occasion, and made other contributions too numerous to mention. More recently, since 2010, Mike has served as the Chair of the Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) Committee, leading a team of volunteers and working with the Statewide Codes and Standards team during the development of the new and improved CEA certification program for the 2013 Standards.

Additionally, during the past year, Mike was instrumental in identifying and persistently voicing serious problems with the 2013 Nonresidential Standards performance software that resulted in the Energy Commission’s decision to delay the new Standards until July 1st, 2014. Without the CEC’s delay, the 2013 Nonresidential and High-rise Standards would have resulted in an implementation nightmare scenario for energy analysts throughout the state.

Pat Splitt, 2012 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Patrick Splitt - Board MemberPat Splitt has been an energy consultant since 1982, and is one of a handful of founding members of CABEC. He has been a Certified Energy Plans Examiner and Certified Energy Analyst since the certifications began in 1988. His company, APP-TECH Inc. is located in Santa Cruz. In addition to energy compliance work, he has designed solar, hydronic heating & outdoor lighting systems.

CABEC appreciates his passionate and dedication to advocating sensible and effective energy standards for California. He served on the Board of Directors of CABEC from 2008 to 2012, two of those years as the Vice Chair. During that time, he helped increase CABEC’s collaboration with other related state organizations and achieved the goal of increasing the organization’s impact on future State Energy Policy. Thank you, Pat!

Jim Miyao, 2011 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Jim Miyao CABEC Hall of Fame recipient 2011Jim Miyao has been a valued member of CABEC for over 10 years. Prior to his involvement with CABEC, he worked for 30 years in the HVAC industry, coordinating and supporting training, engineering, and sales and marketing efforts. For a number of years, he also worked for Sempra Utilities coordinating energy related training and providing technical support to governmental and building industry personnel.

In 2003, Jim was elected to the Board of Directors. In 2004, he began serving as the Vice-Chair, serving in that capacity until 2006, when he was elected to the position of Chairman of the Board. He continued to volunteer his time as the Chair of the Board until the end of 2010, an eight year span of service! During that time, his volunteerism was extensive, and including participation on the planning committees of several CABEC Conferences, as well as assisting the organization in securing outstanding facility space for numerous Regional Meetings and CEPE exams.

Jim “retired” in 2011, but the word “retirement” does not mean sitting around and doing nothing to him. He continues to demonstrate his enthusiasm for serving others in other volunteer endeavors. Congratulations and a big thank you to Jim!

Martyn Dodd, 2010 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Martyn Dodd CABEC Hall of Fame recipient 2010Martyn Dodd is the principal of EnergySoft, LLC, a Bay Area firm that has been providing energy consulting services and software to the industry since 1983. Martyn has been the primary author of EnergySoft’s software products used for energy analysis by firms worldwide including Comply 24, the CEC’s Perform software, EnergyPro, Canada’s EE4 software, and recent products used by the Utilities for rebate purposes. In addition to his role in software development and consulting, Martyn makes it a point to go on the road at least 50 to 100 days each year to help educate the industry about the Title 24 Standards, software modeling, and LEED compliance requirements.

His most recent endeavor has been to help launch the new HERS II (Home Energy Rating Systems) program being rolled out by the CEC aimed at upgrading California’s existing housing stock and to further California’s goals of energy use reduction.

Julieann Summerford, 2009 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Julieann Summerford CABEC Hall of Fame recipient 2009Julieann Summerford is an Associate Director of Implementation at the Heschong Mahone Group, Inc. For the last 10 years, Julieann has managed numerous residential, whole-building, energy efficiency programs with an emphasis on multifamily new construction and existing buildings. Her current efforts involve advocating and implementing programs that utilize, incent, and re-employ energy consultants and HERS raters in the existing multifamily market.

Julieann served on the CABEC Board from 2001-2005, as Chair in 2004 and 2005, and on various committees including membership and regional meetings. She also served as the 2006 San Diego Conference Chair.

Dee Anne Ross, 2008 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Dee Anne Ross CABEC Hall of Fame recipient 2008Dee Anne Ross is the owner of DAREnergy Consulting in Sacramento. She also provides technical support for Enercomp’s residential software program, MICROPAS.

Her history with CABEC began while she worked for the California Energy Commission, making presentations on the Energy Efficiency Standards. When she left the CEC, she joined CABEC and agreed to serve on the board, where she served for 8 years. Dee Anne helped with the newsletter, regional meetings, annual meetings and served as Secretary.

Beth Brummitt, 2007 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Beth Brummitt CABEC CABEC Hall of Fame recipient 2007Beth Brummitt is the principal of Brummitt Energy Associates, Inc, a consulting firm located in San Diego, California, specializing in energy modeling for high performance buildings. A Certified Energy Analyst, a Certified Energy Manager, a USGBC-LEED Accredited Professional since 2002, and with twenty years of experience in energy efficiency and building modeling, Brummitt has been speaking, training, and writing articles for a variety of groups on energy efficiency, the Title 24 energy code, and green buildings for many years.

After serving on the CABEC board for two years, Brummitt served as Chair in 1995. She headed the Compliance Alliance effort between CABEC, the CEC, and building officials. While actively supporting CABEC, she coordinated regional meetings, strengthened membership, taught a number of T24 training courses for residential and non-residential, reviewed and recommended standard improvements, and testified at the CEC.

Doug Beaman, 2006 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Doug Beaman with wife Chyril and grandchildrenDoug Beaman has been a CABEC member since the inception of our organization over 20 years ago. He served on the original Board of Directors for two years and was a Board member again from 1997 to 2004. Doug served as Chair of the Board in 2001 and 2002.

Doug states that he sees service as one most of the most important aspects of his life, and the service he has provided to CABEC over the years has been significant. Two of Doug’s most noteworthy accomplishments are the establishment of the CABEC Hall of Fame Award and the creation of the CABEC Scholarship Program.

When you see Doug, please take a minute to thank him for his hard work and perseverance on behalf of CABEC these past 21 years. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his selfless service to the members and the organization.

(Photo: Doug on a rafting trip with his wife Chyril & Grandchildren)

Catherine Madlin, 2005 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Catherine MadlinPrior to the inception of the 1978 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, Catherine opened Madlin’s Enterprises in Palm Springs to provide Title 24 energy conservation consulting and compliance documentation to architects engineers and contractors. She joined CABEC in 1987, served on the board of directors from 1992 through 1995 and was chairman in 1993 and 1994. For her contributions to the organization and its membership she received a Distinguished Service Award from CABEC in 1995.

Tom Rotchford, 2004 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Tom RotchfordTom was born and raised in the State of Washington but has been in California for the greater part of 40 years. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters Degree in Nuclear Engineering, he was drafted into the Army during the Vietnam Era. Luckily, he did not go to Vietnam but was stationed outside of Washington D.C and worked with the Army Engineers Reactor Group.

Ken Nittler, 2003 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Ken NittlerKen is a founding member of CABEC, and contributes a tremendous amount of time and energy to the success of our organization. He served on the CABEC Board of Directors for most of the 1990’s and was vice chairman of the organization for two terms. Ken was a key contributor to the founding of CABEC’s membership, certification and education programs, and remains a frequent speaker on residential standards issues to the CABEC membership. Ken is proud of the fact that a representative of his company, Enercomp, has been on the board of directors for all but one year of CABEC’s existence.

Michael Gabel, 2002 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Michael GabelMichael Gabel is Principal and owner of Gabel Associates, LLC, a building energy consulting firm in Berkeley, California. In addition to his work as a prominent energy consultant involved in energy compliance software development and implementation of the Title 24 standards since 1983, Mike has a long and distinguished personal history in his efforts to make CABEC what it is today since he attended the first organizing meeting in September, 1985.

Mike was one of the founding members of CABEC, and served on the CABEC Board of Directors in the late ’80s. Mike first served as Education Coordinator, and organized the first CABEC professional seminars on the 1987 and 1988 Title 24 standards. Mike then served as Chair of CABEC, and organized the first Annual Conference in Monterey in 1989. At the Monterey Conference, the Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) committee was formed that later became the CEA program.

In 1998, Mike came back to the CABEC Board to help get CABEC’s financial house in order, and to promote CABEC CEAs to building departments throughout the state. After becoming state Chair again, Mike initiated the email newsletter “In the Loop”, and promoted the development of the CABEC web site. Since 1987, Mike has served as an instructor at dozens of CABEC Nonresidential Standards seminars. He still serves as a CABEC co-representative to the California Energy Commission on Nonresidential standards issues; and conducts the Professional Practices Workshop (PPW) to new Certified Energy Analysts.

Bill Mattinson, 2001 CABEC Hall of Fame recipient

Bill MattinsonBill comes from a family of builders, and pounded nails himself during school vacations. He was high jacked by the 1960’s into an interest in alternative housing – creating and living in teepees, school buses, domes and homebuilt sailboats.

Re-entering college in the 70’s at Sonoma State, he was part of Jerry Brown’s first Solar Technician Training program and went on to create a BA program with a Special Major in Solar Energy. Working for an architectural/engineering firm, he led the design team on award winning passive solar and affordable home projects. In 1978 Bill started his own firm – SOLDATA Energy Consulting, where he and his associates continue to guide clients toward comfortable, healthy, energy efficient, and code compliant buildings.

He is a founding member of CABEC, has served on the board, and has been CABEC residential representative to the Energy Commission for a number of years. Bill is a LEED Accredited Professional and an avid long distance bicyclist. He lives in Sonoma County with his wife Laurie and their two teenage kids.

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