Mentee Application

Have you wondered what is next for you?

Are you a Title 24 Consultant, Building Inspector or HERS Rater looking to advance your certifications by becoming a CEA (Certified Energy Analyst) but you need some additional guidance? Or are you new to the Energy Industry and would like to see how you can become a Certified Energy Analyst?

Have you been thinking of starting your own business by becoming a CEA and working with key individuals in the Energy Industry?

This Program will provide Mentees with:

  • A specific Mentor who has extended knowledge of the current California Energy Code
  • Mentor’s knowledge and practice what you have learned
  • Personalized feedback and guidance
  • Supplemental training to get you ready to apply for the CEA (Certified Energy Analyst) Certification Program

Minimum Mentee Responsibilities are as follows:

  • It is up to the Mentee to show the ambition and desire to know what to do with the knowledge that is passed down from the Mentor
  • Mentees responsible for attending Monthly Mentor/Mentee Meetings
    • Attend “Pod” (group) Zoom Meetings
      • Attend 8 of 11 Scheduled Monthly Meetings
      • If more than 3 meetings are missed mentee may be asked to withdraw from program
  • Monthly Mentor/Mentee Debrief Meeting
    • Discuss Resource Content
    • Discuss Online Energy Code Ace Trainings
    • Show progress on steps to becoming a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA)

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