Mentee Application

Have you wondered what is next for you in the Energy Industry?

Are you a Building Inspector or HERS Rater looking to advance your certifications by becoming a CEA (Certified Energy Analyst) but you need some additional guidance?

Have you been thinking of starting your own business by becoming a CEA and working with key individuals in the Energy Industry?

As a Mentee, you are a student who works with a specific Mentor who has extended knowledge of the current California Energy Code and the Energy Industry. You will absorb the Mentor’s knowledge and practice what you have learned. As a Mentee in the CABEC Mentorship Program, you will receive a Mentor that is assigned to your special needs. Your Mentor will go over detailed education that will be tailored to your requirements to get you ready to apply for the CEA (Certified Energy Analyst) Certification Program. It is up to the Mentee to show the ambition and desire to know what to do with the knowledge that is passed down from the Mentor.

Are you interested in being a Mentee?

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