CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

One of the requirements of maintaining certification as a Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) is the continued enhancement of a consultant’s expertise by attending coursework and/or seminars covering a comprehensive scope of educational topics related to the current energy Standards. The hours spent in attendance at these courses are referred to as CEUs, or Continuing Education Units, and each CEA is required to complete 9 hours per year per category in which they are certified.

Qualifying Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will include a combination of a variety of courses, workshops, seminars and meetings, and can be achieved by attending Regional Meetings or Conferences that CABEC hosts, or may include courses offered by the California Energy Commission, Build It Green, HERS Providers, LEED for Homes or Commercial, the CALBO Training Institute, software vendors, Utilities, product suppliers, community colleges, related groups such as CBIA, AIA, ASHRAE and IES.

Don’t hesitate to contact the CABEC office if you would like additional input on whether or not a course you plan to take would qualify for CEU credits.

View your CEA Status dashboard, view your CEUs in a list by themselves, or log CEUs you’ve taken now.

Training Opportunities:

PG&E Energy Efficiency Classes
Many of the classes on the site above are free unless otherwise noted and are sponsored by PG&E. Click the above link for details.

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