Frequently Asked Questions for Title 24

Do I need to be certified as a CEA to do Title 24 energy compliance reports?
At this time you are not legally required to be certified to do Title 24 energy compliance reports.
Where can I get software for doing Title 24 Reports?
For the California Energy Commission’s list of approved software programs visit: California Energy Commission’s List of Approved Computer Programs and Title 24 Compliance Software Vendors
What is the difference between doing Title 24 reports and being an energy consultant?
Providing Title 24 compliance calculations and documentation is the primary focus of many CABEC Members. But, many members also provide additional energy consulting services. For example, an architect might hire an energy consultant to help design a new home that is more energy efficient than the state standards require. Or an energy consultant might be hired to provide guidance on a subdivision layout or the design of a passive solar home, work on the design of a large multi-family building, compare lighting system options on a proposed office building, or any number of other energy efficiency services.
What is CABEC’s position on ownership of Title 24 building simulation files and reports?
Incentive programs from the Utilities and other funding sources often require Title 24 compliance files for eligibility verification and incentive calculation. These files, and in particular the simulation model itself, are seen by some in the industry to be proprietary information of the simulation author. This may conflict with program needs, especially when the Title 24 consultant on a project could be replaced, or the files are needed for program evaluation.CABEC Position: CABEC urges program implementers to include language in their program materials specifying the use and ownership of Title 24 related materials. This includes building simulation files (such as .ribd, .cibd, .bld, .rup or .mit), Title 24 simulation reports (such as CF-1Rs), and any other program specific files (such as CIR files). CABEC also strongly recommends that members providing consulting or modeling services clearly state the member’s ownership requirements as part of their contractual language prior to entering into an agreement to provide those services.
Why should I become a CABEC Member?
CABEC is here to support you in your Title 24 and energy consulting work and to keep you on the cutting edge of energy compliance. Membership will benefit you by:

  • Keeping you informed of California State Standards changes and requirements and any other relevant and timely industry information.
  • Notifying you of continuing education opportunities through our Quarterly electronic newsletter.
  • Holding outstanding Conferences and Regional Meetings, providing you with up-to-date topical seminars as well as information about state-of-the-art energy efficient products.
  • Allowing visitors to CABEC’s web site to “Search for a CEA” and find your name by using this search engine, if you’re CEA Certified.
  • Allowing discounts to Conference registration fees, as well as selected meetings with partnering organizations.
  • Providing you with a “Member’s Only” area on our web site with current Code Standards updates, current and back issues of our quarterly newsletter.
  • Listing your name and contact information on our web site for easy access by potential clients and customers.



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