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CABEC is reaching out to California Building Officials, Inspectors, and Plans Examiners to help assist them in their duties to encourage compliance with the energy code. CABEC’s goal is to offer no-cost assistance to Building Division personnel by providing professional guidance from a CABEC Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) of choice.

This valuable service, as well as access to other resources, contacts, and tools, can lead to a clearer understanding of California’s complicated energy code. CABEC CEAs continue to lead the energy consulting industry by delivering the highest quality energy analysis and reporting. CABEC appreciates the continuing support from the local Building Divisions and hopes to build even stronger relationships that can benefit each and every building community.

CABEC is offering a list of knowledgeable Certified Energy Analysts (CEA’s) that have volunteered collectively to act as a hotline exclusively to Building Divisions. The caller selects and contacts a specific CEA, by phone or email, from a list arranged by climate zone and/or project type.

CABEC CEA volunteers have not been trained nor endorsed by the CEC to the extent of the CEC Energy Standards Hotline staff. Rather, they have practical working skills and field experience that brings yet another dimension to an independent energy modeling support resource. They are among a group of highly professional building energy consultants experienced with computer energy modeling, interpreting CF-1R Performance reports, and familiar with software nuances and limitations. Our volunteers have agreed to answer your questions to the best of their knowledge and look forward to working with you.

By continuing below to access to CABEC’s CEA Volunteer Database for CEA Hotline for Building Divisions Support, you certify that you currently work for a California Building Division/Department and agree to be respectful of the volunteer’s time and availability.

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