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Advanced Energy Modeling for LEED Technical Manual v2.0

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LEED, whole building modeling, Title 24 Part 6 for LEED, Energy Pro for LEED

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Since many of the projects worked on in CA also pursue LEED, it is important to know the various modeling critera change due to it being a LEED project versus for Title 24 Part 6 permit submittal. Since LEED is primarily based on cost (not TDV), this guide helps explain that modeling criteria (other measuring factors can be used, see USGBC website for further information). This guide also outlines how to puruse ASHRAE 90.1 modeling procedures versus Title 24 Part 6 (verify what code year is applicable to the project such as Title 24 Part 2005 for version 3, and TItle 24 Part 6 2013 for version 4)

CEA Competency:
  • Competency 5: Interpreting energy performance results and making design recommendations
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Published By: U.S. Green Building Council Published On: 1 Sep 2011

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5.0 rating based on 1 rating

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