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Residential Envelope and Solar Ready Application Guide


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This is a resource by Energy Code Ace that goes over the envelope and solar ready requirements of the 2016 energy code. There are great pictures and case studies of how to apply the code to this specific building type.

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  • Competency 2: Correct application of the Energy Standards based on the project’s permitted scope of work
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Energy Code Ace

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4.8 rating based on 4 ratings
4.8 rating based on 4 ratings

  1. Useful Application Guide Case Study

    As the lead author on the Residential Envelope and Solar Ready Application Guide, I worked to include some sections that would help energy analysts think about the pros and cons of the prescriptive versus performance method for Title 24 energy compliance. Starting on page 54 of the guide, you’ll find a case study walking you through a compliance analysis of an actual building. It compares the actual features of the case study house with the prescriptive requirements and with the standard design assumptions for the performance method. In some cases one or the other method gives a compliance advantage. The case study ends by determining whether or not the building complies with Title 24 using one or both compliance methods. I hope that energy analysts get in the habit of thinking through how a building relates to the specific requirements of the energy code using different compliance methods.

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