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I love this website. We, as energy consultants, have to understand building science AND energy code to help our clients make informed, well researched choices. This is an amazing resource, in which I am always humbled that they share their research for free. The following is a write up about their website:

Buildingscience.com is a free online resource owned and operated by Building Science Corporation. BSC takes a leadership role in promoting the design and construction of buildings that are healthier, less energy-consuming, and more durable and economical. We want to change the way the world builds, and we believe that creating and sharing knowledge is critical to that change. buildingscience.com grew out of this commitment to promoting high-quality, objective building science information.

CEA Competency:
  • Competency 1: Basic understanding of heat flow, energy units, and building energy design
  • Competency 5: Interpreting energy performance results and making design recommendations
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Building Science Corporation

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