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This company does research and "forensic" investigation on projects and then shares their findings. My favorite resource is the "R22+ Effective Walls in Residential Construction in B.C." because it describes many ways to get to California's 0.51 U-factor walls. In posting this review, I got caught up in 3 other reports they have shared, so easy to lose time at this website!

The following is the write up on their website:
We’re passionate about making buildings better. From new construction, to building repair, renewal, and rehabilitation; assessment and investigation to maintenance, RDH offers a range of consulting and in-the-field services to help building owners, architects, and construction professionals achieve their goals and bring their visions to life.

CEA Competency:
  • Competency 1: Basic understanding of heat flow, energy units, and building energy design
  • Competency 5: Interpreting energy performance results and making design recommendations

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