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NEEA Listing Equivalency from CBECC-Res V 2019 1.3 (to be updated with each release)

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Here is a spreadsheet which shows you which makes/models of NEEA Heat Pump Water Heaters are identical in compliance taken from CBECC-Res NEEA Heat Pump Water Heater Library. For example, a Kenmore 153.32116 and a US Craftmaster HPE2K60HD045V are both AO Smith PHPT 60 units 'under the hood' (and probably coming out of the same factory). Kinda like how a Geo Prizm was the same as a Toyota Corolla. THIS IS A ROUGH DRAFT OF THE SPREADSHEET AND WILL CHANGE WITH EVERY SOFTWARE UPDATE. (In other words-- it's my fault that it's not formatted very well at the moment-- just trying to get this v0.1 out the door).

CEA Competency:
  • Competency 3: Gathering and organizing all necessary input data for energy modeling
Bibiolography info:

This is hidden in plain sight with every installation of CBECC-Res

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