CABEC Brown Bag Webinar Submissions

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Webinar Titlea short distinct name

Preferred Presentation Date?02/07/2018

Webinar Description

what's special about my Brown Bag webinar and why they won't want to miss it! If your presentation description is already written

Webinar Title"It's Hot out there... and so is CABEC!"

Preferred Presentation Date?08/02/2017

Webinar Description

45 Minutes of talk about CABEC with 15 Minutes of Q&A about how to get involved with CABEC!

Webinar TitleA Fun Hour

Preferred Presentation Date?07/20/2017

Webinar Description

We have fun

Webinar TitleHow to build a webform

Preferred Presentation Date?07/19/2017

Webinar Description

I teach you how to do what I'm doing right now

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